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Once your lender has received a satisfactory valuation and all the supporting documentation they will issue a formal, written offer of a loan (or Mortgage Offer).

This document will be sent to your advisor, yourself and your solicitor and contains all the relevant information about your mortgage loan. Read it carefully and make sure that all the details are correct and if there is anything you are unsure about ask your advisor or your solicitor.

The solicitor will have draft contracts ready for you to sign so make sure everything is as it should be before you commit yourself. Once all parties are ready to exchange contracts you will need to provide your solicitors with the deposit monies and ensure that any required buildings insurance is in place.

Before you complete you should:

  • Have a copy of the Offer (which you have checked through)
  • Have your deposit funds in place
  • Have confirmation that the valuation report is acceptable


  • Solicitors have ensured local searches have all been done and are satisfactory
  • Solicitors to agree a completion date with all parties
  • Solicitors ensured any issues between yourself and the seller have been satisfied

Once all the above have been actioned and contracts are exchanged there is a legal obligation to both seller and buyer to complete the transaction so it is VITAL that all parties are satisfied on all points. Completion may take place simultaneously with exchange of contracts – if this is the case then the lender will release the funds (the solicitor may already have received them) and they will be transferred to the seller’s solicitors.

The team at AMS will stay close to you throughout the whole process – so you will be in safe hands from start to finish.

Your new home now belongs to you, congratulations!