• This couple came to us desperate to buy their family home on the right to buy scheme. They were having real issues getting a mortgage with their broker as they were both se

  • Mr & Mrs V came to us after struggling to find a lender who would help them. Upon further discussions we found that whilst Mr V works full time his wife is a Foster carer.

  • Mr B came to us as a contractor enquiry but the contract income alone couldn’t support the loan he requested. Mrs B was also self-employed and paid her salary into the Same

  • Mr I came to me urgently needing an offer on his purchase. The chain was on the verge of collapse and he was in serious danger of missing out on the property.

  • Declined elsewhere due to his low lease term of 59 years and on affordability. We sourced a lender who would consider the application despite the lease term.

  • Mr O had recently taken a break from his self-employment due to a bereavement which as a consequence meant his income from the previous tax year had dramatically reduced.

  • Miss M came to us as she was struggling to secure a mortgage; she believed that she had adverse credit and may struggle as her partner is a foreign national without permane

  • Mr and Mrs B were returning customers who had used our services to get a mortgage previously whilst they were in a debt management plan (DMP).

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