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Self-Employed Mortgage Specialists


Are you self employed but have found it a problem getting a mortgage? Struggling to provide years of self employment evidence?


We know that mortgages for freelancers, contractors or anyone who is self-employed can be difficult to secure. Often, the problem arises from your accountant trying to present your business in a tax-efficient view, while a mortgage lender is only looking at income.


Don’t worry, we’re experts at helping clients to secure freelance or self-employed mortgages. We typically approach lenders who we know are willing to look beyond the accountant’s assessment and take a broader view. Call us now and speak to one of our team who can talk you through your options.

Self-Employed FAQ

Can the self employed to get a mortgage?

Yes. We at ams: help hundreds of people each year. Please call us for further advice.

Do I need 3 years accounts before I can be considered?

Not necessarily as we have lenders who will use 1 years accounts.

Am I considered to be high risk?

Again, not necessarily as most lenders will offer the same rate to self employed as employed. As brokers we know which lender’s criteria will suit your requirements.

Will I need a larger deposit as I’m self employed?

No. Each case is assessed individually and we even have lenders that will offer mortgages up to 95%.

If self-certification mortgages no longer exist am I excluded from getting a mortgage?

No, there are alternatives.

Do all lenders cater for the self employed?

Whilst the criteria will differ between lenders, e.g. number of years accounts required, they will all generally consider self employed applicants.

Can I still get a mortgage if I have been declined by my own bank?

Speak to us at ams:  – whilst one lender may decline another could accept.

Can I get a mortgage if I have no proof of income?

Since self certification mortgages ended some occupations can provide proof of income other than accounts. All lenders will require some form of proof so speak to ams:  about how it would work for you.

How do I prove my income now?

If you’ve only been trading a year, there are still mortgage lenders that will lend to you with 1 years accounts.

My situation is complicated, are you able to help?

Always call us as this is where we specialise, at ams:  we have access to underwriters where we can talk cases through with them on an individual basis

So what income can I use?

Sole Trader

  • Net profit (if using accounts)
  • Profit from self employment (if using SA302s)

CIS / Sub-contractor

  • Where you have been subcontracting to the same company for the last 6 months we have options for you to raise a mortgage based upon your earnings from your pay slips (so effectively you are treated as an employed person)


  • Your share of net profit (if using accounts)
  • Your share of total income received (if using SA302s)
  • Profit from self employment
  • Commission

Ltd Company

  • Your share of director’s salary
  • Your share of dividends
  • Occasionally lenders can consider net profit if there has been a large business expense or a sum earned but left in the business and not withdrawn.


  • gross basic income
  • bonus
  • overtime
  • commission
  • car / town / shift allowances
  • mortgage subsidy
  • other cash employer benefits

Other Forms Of Income Considered

  • Investment income
  • Rental income
  • Trust income earned overseas
  • Income eaned in a foreign currency
  • Bursary
  • Pension
  • State benefits
  • Many others!

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