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Mortgages for IT Contractors

As IT contractor mortgage specialists, we understand that in recent years it has become difficult to get a mortgage if you are an IT contractor. That’s why we have in house mortgage experts who specialise in this area.

As expert IT Contractor mortgage brokers, we will help you access mainstream lender channels and assist you in putting forward your case to the lenders. With a  vast amount of mortgage products available for a wide range of needs, it can become a mortgage minefield when you’re trying to find the right one for you.


With a dedicated mortgage advisor we will help to make the mortgage process simpler and less stressful. We will liaise with underwriters on your behalf without you having to worry about intimidating jargon.


If you would like some impartial advice about IT contractor mortgages, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Call 0121 4000 052, fill out our online form here or arrange a call back and we will get back to you at a time that suits you.

IT Contractor Mortgage FAQ

Am I restricted to my SA302 or Limited Accounts?

Not at all, where technically you are self-employed and most lenders will want you to provide these for proof of income, there are lenders which may use gross earnings based on their calculation of your current day rate

For example

Day rate x 5 x 48 = £ Income

This will definitely increase your affordability to those lenders who will use your income from self-employment for maximum loan calculations.

I have had some career breaks between contracts, will I be able to get a mortgage?

Potentially yes. Some lenders allow some time off between contracts, continuous history is preferable but not always essential. It all depends on the lender and your circumstances and getting it right first time.

I also have some bad credit, can you help me?

Some lenders will consider issues with your credit file, though there are restrictions. To avoid the disappointment of a declined mortgage you should speak to an ams: specialist.

I have been told there is minimum income criteria, is that right?

Some lenders do have this criteria but not all. We ensure we only look at placing you with the right lender for your circumstances.

I have recently changed my accountant and the way I submit my accounts, will this change anything?

This is a common occurrence for IT contractors and we deal with it daily. It is best to get the right advice before you apply as lenders take a different view on this case by case.

My contract is rolling, with no end date. I imagine this will cause problems?

Most lenders will prefer an end date and an amount of time remaining on the contract however it does depend on your circumstances and career to date. There may be options for this type of contract.

I also have BTL properties, can you help?

Absolutely, criteria change massively when discussing your options on a BTL basis.

I use the agencies umbrella payroll company, will this be an issue?

Not necessarily though the criteria around this differs lender by lender. It is important if you are making use of the agencies umbrella company to apply to the right lender.

As I am not permanently employed I am concerned about mortgage payments and what I can afford.

ams: will have this discussion with you from the very start of your mortgage journey and would never recommend anything that is not affordable. As all of our advisors are also protection specialists we will also discuss these needs going forward.

I have a lot of colleagues discuss their issues with getting a mortgage with me on a regular basis, can you help them?

Absolutely. And you may even qualify for our referral incentive.

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