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Worried you may struggle to get a mortgage because of your credit history?

We work with specialised mortgage providers who offer solutions for people with poor credit histories. Speak to an ams: mortgage advisor today.


We have lenders who will accept your application if you have: UP TO: 1 CCJ in the last 24 months to a maximum value of £1000. However we also have lenders who will ignore CCJ's over 2 years old.


We have lenders who will accept your application if you have: UP TO: 2 defaults in the last 24 months to a maximum value of £1500 in 12 months If your default is over 2 years old we have lenders who will consider you straight away!

Do Not Despair!

Just because one lender declines your mortgage application it doesn't mean that another wont look to accept.

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We recommend you call us and speak to one of our qualified advisor's who will go through your circumstances then provide you with the options available to you.

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As a guide, you could potentially borrow around:

The figure above is calculated based around current lender criteria and may not be representative of the actual figure you may be able to borrow.

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Bad Credit FAQ

Is it possible to obtain a mortgage with bad credit?

Yes. We have been specialists in this market for some time.

Is all adverse credit accepted?

We will have a look into all cases and assess them on an individual basis.

How do I find out whether I have adverse credit?

Very easily – if you log on to www.creditexpert.co.uk you can get a free 30 day trial with Experian, one of the major credit search houses within the UK. With the information on your credit file we can usually get a decision within an hour.

Why would I have bad credit rating?

There are many things that can potentially affect your credit rating. Some examples are:

  • Missed credit card, loan or mortgage payments
  • Being in a debt repayment arrangement such as an IVA, or if you have been declared bankrupt
  • County Court Judgements/Defaults registered against you
  • If you have taken out a pay day loan
If I have adverse credit registered against me will high street lenders still accept my application?

Every case is assessed individually. ams:  have direct communication with all the major UK underwriters. This means that we can discuss each case on its own merit before submitting the application for approval.

What do I do if normal high street lenders won’t accept me?

We use lenders who are specialists in the adverse credit market.

How soon are you likely to get me a decision?

We aim to get you a decision in principle with an hour once we have all of your information to hand.

How much deposit is likely to be required?

Between 10-15% – although this does depend on the results of your credit file. The lenders see you as a higher risk if there is a lot of adverse credit on your file and may therefore require a higher deposit.

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