Debt Consolidation

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Debt Consolidation
Having debt problems can be a huge burden. A good financial solution may be to consolidate all of your credit cards, secured loans and unsecured loans by way of a remortgage.

AMS work exclusively on behalf of debt management companies across the UK to source mortgages for people with all manner of credit problems. Even if you have CCJs, defaults, mortgage arrears or a poor credit history we can help.

We also specialize in arranging mortgages for those with no proof of income. Whether your income comes from various sources, or you are self employed with no accounts, we can help find the lender to meet your requirements.

Access Mortgage Solutions are truly independent remortgage advisors, selecting the best deals from every lender in the country to reduce monthly outgoings for our clients.  We aim to have a decision within one hour and will handle your application for you until it completes.

Our advice is free and our quotes carry no obligation whatsoever.

If you would like to make an enquiry with us, our advisors are available online, on the phone, or if it’s inconvenient we can call you back, click on the ‘Request a Callback’ button at the top of the page

If you have a CCJ or default within the past 6 years then a minimum deposit of 15% will be required before any application can be made. If this option is viable for you please continue your application.