Contractor Mortgages

As a contractor, getting a mortgage is notoriously difficult, but it doesn't have to be. With the right help you can get access to contractor mortgages from leading lenders; that’s where ams: come in.

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So What's the Difference?

  • The only major difference between contractor mortgages and those offered to permanent employees is the eligibility criteria and assessment process. Contractor mortgages are no different in terms of price.
  • Although cautious, lenders understand that contractors can be very reliable borrowers. The thing that causes most contractors to trip up is how they present their personal case to lenders.
  • Without the right help it can be difficult to present your case for a mortgage in an organised, appealing way, making it all too easy for lenders to say ‘no’. Our experienced case managers will help you prepare and present your case from start to finish, providing the strongest possible case to lenders. We assess your specific requirements. We then choose the most appropriate lenders and products. This means that not only do you avoid the extensive time and effort that is required but you also stand a greater chance of approval.

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